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Wow what a wonderful  journey this have been!  I can say I have learnt an awesome amount and am more passionate than ever (even more than 12 years ago if possible) about preparing expectant parents and empowering them to make the right choices for them.  Indeed the most important concept in childbirth education is informed choice.  So come on moms and dads let me teach you about all the options out there so you can make the best choices for you.

Every 6- 8 weeks I  start a new group.  Check for dates on the front of the page left column or click the calendar.Smile

My Antenatal classes include everything new parents need to know. Classes are kept interesting and attention is paid to the individual needs and concerns of new mothers. There is ample time to ask questions. It is encouraged that both partners attend the classes (cost is the same for one or both partners). Antenatal classes cover the following topics:

  • Nutrition
  • Birth, breathing, relaxation techniques and pain relief, Caesarean
  • Breastfeeding
  • Baby bath
  • First feeding
  • CPR and emergency training
  • Preparing a baby-friendly home
  • Breathing and Labour exercises
  • Massage and pregnancy
  • Parenting

Ante-natal classes run over an seven week period. One class is attended weekly. This enables the expecting parents to gradually absorb the information in the course.  ( See link to workshops and calendar for more options )

Excellent books are pointed out to expecting parents as well as good publications.

Myths are discussed and debunked as far as possible. Parents are left with only up to date relevant information. A variety of pamphlets are provided. Samples and product information are also included in a "Goodie Bag" for the use of expectant parents.

Class information is accompanied by relevant notes. It includes an outline of information covered as well as invaluable drawings, articles and other bits and pieces. Naturally, it would be considered insufficient material to study this alone as a substitute for classes.

Having fun is an important element of these classes and many new friendships are formed in this 7 week period.  Dads seem to have just as much fun!  At the end a class photo is taken- see gallery for previous group photos and fb for more recent ones.