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A well baby clinic is run providing all the services you need. So for weigh and measure babies, monitoring growth and milestones,and immunize. We look at feeding and when to introduce solids (pls we can not decide to start solids via sms) as well as trouble shooting and referrals for problems. Moms are aided in their little ones developmental changes, whats next often being the question on their mind.

Pregnant mothers with questions and pregnancy niggles  and discomforts are also more than welcome to book a consultation for advice, blood-pressures, urine tests, blood tests, listening to Fetal heart beat from 27 weeks on and referrals.

New mothers who require screening for postnatal depression can also contact me, I will see them and if needed appropriately refer them.

Appointments can be made by telephone on 0829404200 or 041 395 9656.  Hours: 9 till 5pm

For moms and dads who would like to read more about vaccines pls look at  also  Please be careful and make sure you read the scientific articles not those written by well meaning but uneducated "experts"- Your childs life may depend on you making this decision.  It is important to note that every year infants and children across the world still die from measles and chickenpox - You can protect your baby or small child from these.

A small percentage of babies have what is termed physiological jaundice.  This often starts at more or less day three after birth and moms may notice a yellow tinge to baby's skin colors and the whites of the eyes.  Babies may be more sleepy and lethargic and more difficult to feed.  The most important thing is to keep an eye on how much these babies eat.  Feed them every frequently to help them pass the bilirubin quickly.  If mom is at all concerned that the yellowness is on the increase please take them to the paed for a billi test, or get the maternity ward to organize you one.  A bilibed can be taken home to help decrease the bilirubin levels.   Most full term babies will beat this with ease as long as you feed them well and keep an eye on them.  We have always believed that a bit of sunshine helps- no study has proved this, but its worth a try.