Childbirth Education

I have been teaching childbirth education for over 16 years now and I feel more passionate about this than ever before.  One of the most important aspects that are emphasized in my groups is that of informed choice.  Informed expectant parents are the most empowered to make decisions about their options for birth and post-natal care.

New childbirth education groups start every 6 – 8 weeks.  Have a look at the calendar for the newest dates so that you can book your experience now.

Childbirth education is not only about gaining knowledge and make good choices, but also about the emotional preparation for the journey ahead.  My classes are never overcrowded so that I can pay attention to the individual needs of those attending.  Where possible, it is recommended that both partners attend a class (the cost remains the same).

Some of the topics that are covered in the classes include the following:

  • Nutrition
  • Birth, breathing, relaxation and pain relief
  • Natural birth and caesarian section
  • Breastfeeding
  • Infant care, including bathing and first feeding
  • Emergency care and CPR
  • Preparing a baby-friendly home environment
  • Massage in pregnancy
  • Relevant parenting topics

Childbirth Education classes are presented once per week for a period of seven weeks.  This provides ample time for expectant parents to absorb the information and make choices about the birth.

There are many myths about labour and childbirth that are discussed in childbirth education classes and parents receive up-to-date information about the latest research.

Various samples and product information are included in a “goody bag” for class participants that help you to make choices about the best products for your family.

Class information is accompanied by relevant notes, articles and other useful information, but the main learning experience consists of the experiences from participating in the childbirth education classes.

Having fun is an important element of these classes and many new friendships are formed during this 7-week period.  Dads have just as much fun as Moms!