About Me

If you are planning to make use of my services, you probably want to know more about me.  Here are the most important things you need to know.

As an internationally registered Childbirth Educator, Infant Massage Instructor, Midwife and Registered Counsellor, I believe that it is important to keep up to date with the newest research findings and trends while not forgetting the basics…  It all started with my training at Sharley Cribb Nursing College in Port Elizabeth in 1994.  Sharley Cribb is renowned in the Eastern Cape for it’s historical contributions to nursing.  I completed my four-year diploma at the College and gained practical experience at the provincial hospitals in Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage, including various clinics and maternity units.  I am a registered Nurse and Midwife qualified in general, community and psychiatric nursing.

After completing my basic nursing studies I started my career at West End Maternity and Obstetric Unit in Port Elizabeth.  I had the privilege of taking part in preparing this beautiful unit for opening to the public.  The deliveries at this Unit were done by nursing sisters with support for complicated deliveries by Livingstone Hospital.  The antenatal clinic was also managed by nursing sisters and post-natal services were provided.

Having gained experience in a community maternity unit, I took up a position at the St. Georges Hospital maternity ward.  The antenatal ward and adjacent postnatal ward provided a great opportunity for further learning and experience with complicated cases and emergencies.  It also provided me with the opportunity to learn from midwife Anna Tair, one of the best breastfeeding consultants I have met thus far.

For a while I was involved in the training of student-midwives in Port Elizabeth, but also completed my internship as a Registered Counsellor (Trauma) at LifeLine Port Elizabeth.  My special interest as a counsellor is birth trauma, trauma debriefing, screening for post-natal depression and coping skills for new parents.  As a Registered Counsellor I am able to integrate psychological and emotional strategies for care and support into my practice as a Midwife to help new parents and provide them with the resources they need.

As I continued to update my skills and training I became a Certified International Childbirth Educator.  I also completed the international training to qualify as an Infant Massage Instructor and HypnoBirthing Practitioner.

I support the local baby haven and remain and remain active in my community through giving talks on health education or participating in projects.  I have always believed that if we all do our part, no-one needs to be without essential care or support.  I am also very passion about protecting the environment and encourage everyone to do their small part.

The best part of what I do now is watching children and new families grow!  So, join the PEBABYNET family with little ones living all over the world, including Namibia, Isreal, Germany, England, Australia and Asia.