Baby Clinic

During COVID-19 moms are increasingly making use of both home visits and Zoom sessions. These can be arranged by contacting the office. Many medical aids cover these visits, although some do not. A portable scale is available to mothers who make use of Zoom sessions.

The Baby Clinic provides a wide range of services, including monitoring growth and milestones for babies, weighing and measuring and vaccinations.  Feeding options are discussed, including the best time to introduce solid foods.  Parents have the opportunity to discuss the development of their baby and address any concerns.

Pregnant Moms with questions, concerns or discomfort are welcome to book a consultation for advice, blood pressure checks, urine tests, blood tests and listening to the fetal heartbeat from 27 weeks onward.

New Moms who require screening for post-natal depression can also book and consultation and will be referred to a specialist provider if needed.

Moms and Dads who would like more information about vaccines can visit the website When reading up on vaccines, take care to read scientific articles.  Your child’s life depends on making a good decision about vaccinations.  It is important to note that every year infants and children across the world still die from measles and chickenpox.

A small percentage of babies present with physiological jaundice.  This often starts around 3 days after birth and parents may notice a yellow tinge to baby’s skin colour and the whites of the eyes.  Babies with jaundice may be more sleepy and lethargic and more difficult to feed.  The most important thing  is to keep an eye on how much these babies eat.  They need frequent feeds in order to pass the bilirubin quickly.  If parents are at all concerned that the yellowness is on the increase, it is best to take them to the pediatrician for a bili-test, or visit the maternity ward to arrange this.  Most full term babies will beat this with ease as long as they are feeding well.  Bilirubin screening tests can be done at Pathcare, Intercare.