Home Birth

A home birth may be one of the nicest ways to give birth.  Moms planning one will have to acquire the services of a midwife, doula, a gynae as back up and book a hospital bed just in case.  Moms are screened early in the pregnancy by the midwife and the Gynae.  This option is for moms who are healthy and low risk.  Good and frequent ante natal visits is an important part of the home birth plan.  Moms who do not pass the health screening thought pregnancy are not suitable candidates. Certain parameters are kept in mind by the midwife.  It is not in the interest of the mom or the midwife to break these.

Moms preparing for a home birth must consider that the room she is planning to birth in is an appropiate size (if she is planning to put up a birth pool even more so) and that it will be warm enough.  Other siblings may attend or mom might decide to ask a relative to look after them during the birth.

With a home birth the birth process is usually quicker and mom is much calmer being in her own environment.  Playing music, lighting candles and eating what you feel like comes naturally in your own home.  Pets and people are a natural additive provided mom is comfortable with this.

Moms pain plan could involve water, massage, breathing, the birth ball, HypnoBirth and a doula.  Most home birth midwives do not carry or administer opiates at birth.

Different positions for giving birth in is available to moms at home.  Standing on all fours, squating, standing, using a birth stool, side lying and reboso are just some of the options.

Once born the mom and baby are not seperated.  Skin to skin and breastfeeding is the norm.  Baby is not bathed until mom feels fit.

Your placenta plan must also be considered.  Often parents chose to have it incinerated as medical waste, but others may chose to plant a tree on it or have it encapsulated.  In any event leaving the cord uncut until it is no longer pulsating is often practiced.